Detailed Descriptions Of Star Wars Lightsaber Hilts By Character

Detailed Descriptions Of Star Wars Lightsaber Hilts By Character

  • Ahsoka Clone Wars - carries a silver lightsaber with a ball shaped pommel and a groove running down its midline. The upper portion of her saber takes its design from Anakin’s lightsaber, but is split down the middle and then flipped to create a mirror image, resulting in the groove. Her pommel matched Obi-Wan Kenobi’s original lightsaber from The Phantom Menace. Ahsoka often holds the green bladed saber in a reverse grip and eventually carries a second, shorter-bladed shoto saber for dual wielding 

  • Ahsoka Rebellion - new sabers emit bright white energy blades. Both new lightsabers have a subtly curved hilts and are stamped with a double diamond pattern. She grips the short bladed shoto saber in her off hand while wielding the other in her dominant hand. Sabers modeled after classic kantanas to show how she has continued to develop as a warrior fighting against the Empire. Without color her blades have no affiliation, signaling how her path is different from that of any other character. 

  • Anakin Padawan - hilt projects a blue blade. Solidly constructed, it sports rubbery black grips across the lower hilt and its calibrated to deliver maximum power. The lightsaber is lost on Geonosis when it is cut in half. Anakin telegraphs his dark side leanings through his fighting style, which utilizes aggressive lunges and big powerful sweeps of his saber. 

  • Luke Jedi Knight - First seen over the Saracen pit. The green color of the energy blade was selected for better visibility against the sky. The hilt of Luke's lightsaber closely resembles the one carried by Obi-Wan, which is apropos given that Luke builds the weapon using notes and materials found in Obi-Wan's hut. Luke carries this lightsaber with him when he goes into exile on an island on the remote world of Ahch-To. After his death, the island’s Caretakers retrieve the fallen weapon and keep it in a place of honor among other Jedi relics. 

  • Obi-Wan Padawan - has a simple, symmetrical form that bears little resemblance to the one he will carry during his exile on Tatooine. The hilt is constructed from a silver alloy and features a scalloped handgrip, and its crystal projects a blue energy blade. Obi-Wan loses this lightsaber when Darth Mal kicks it into a smelting pit. 

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi Jedi Master - built after his promotion to Jedi Master, breaking it in during the battles of the Clone Wars and keeping it with him during his years in exile on Tatooine. He wields it one last time when dueling Darth Vader aboard the Death Star. The hilt design eschews the use of complete exterior plating, allowing a partial peek into the saber’s inner structure. Black ribbing acts as a gripping surface on the upper hilt, just behind the exposed neck that gives the saber its bare-bones appearance. Luke emulates this design in his green bladed saber. 

  • Skywalker Legacy – constructed by Anakin during the Clone Wars and used by him until he loses it on the lava planet Mustafar. The lightsaber is kept by Obi-Wan, who then passes it to Luke on Tatooine. Luke later loses the weapon during the diel on Cloud City, only for Maz Kanata to become the weapon’s next on-screen caretaker before Rey claims the weapon as her own. The saber seemingly meets an explosive end in a Force struggle between Rey and Kylo. But the weapon becomes newly repaired and instrumental in Rey’s efforts to vanquish Palpatine during the Battle of Exegol. The lightsaber is given a solemn burial along with Leia’s at the old Skywalker homestead on Tatooine. A dark leather band around the middle of the repaired Skywalker saber hides the jagged break and the weld that reseals it, though scorch marks are still visible on the reverse side. The activation controls are replacements. The shattered internal crystal has been fully restored through the use of advance Force techniques that Rey gleaned from the sacred Jedi texts. 

  • Darth Maul - double bladed lightsabers like Maul’s have extra-long hilts and can be used as staff weapons when both blades are lit, inspiring the alternate name saberstaff. Maul learns the secret to constructing the weapons after poring over ancient blueprints in a Sith holocron. The hilt is almost 50 centimeters long, nearly double the length of a typical lightsaber because of the need for more internal hardware. Wide flat capped emitters project red energy blades, while dials for fine tuning blade intensity are space along the hilt.  

  • Darth Vader - Kyber crystal taken from Jedi Master Kirk Infil’a saber after Order 66. Bears design similarities to his original Jedi lightsaber. It's hilt is solidly constructed from a shiny silver alloy and features numerous black highlights, including raised handgrip fins and a matte cover for the chamber concealing the weapon’s power cell. Inside the hilt are two dual-phase crystals that allow Vader to control the power and length of the blade through adjustment knobs. Presumably destroyed with the second Death Star.  

  • Asajj Ventress - becomes an lightsaber unquestioned master of dual wielding combat style known as Jar’Kai. Both blades have bent hilts reminiscent of Dooku’s saber. Striped black handgrips along the silver hilts give the sabers an animalistic appearance. Hilts can be connected end to end, forming a double bladed weapon with an s shaped grip. 

  • Kylo Ren - hilt of Kylo lightsaber is the saber he originally carries as Ben Solo before his fall to the dark side, its casing now blackened by fire and heat during reconstruction. A cracked Kyber crystal powers the blade, resulting in flame like emissions as the overclocked plasma burns excess energy. To lessen this effect Kylo installs a pair of quill on emitters that vent energy at perpendicular angles, the finishing touch that provides the weapon’s distinctive broadsword shape. 

  • Dark Rey – metallic hilts silver sheen is discolored by carbonized blackening around the emitter shrouds. Black rings break up the hilts and w uneven surface. When folded in half, both blades can be ignited in parallel and the hilt can swing fully open and lock into place as a saberstaff 

  • Ben Solo - shown to have a blue energy blade. Bens saber and the crystal within become the structural basis for Kyle's fire blackened broadsword. The finned gripped on the hilt of Bens saber are similar to those found on Vader's saber, but with additional flaring at the base. With geometric lines and squared off corners, Bens lightsaber shows a similar style to Leia's. 

  • Kanan Jarrus - Can be broken down into two pieces and easily reassembled on the spot. This allows Kanan to maintain his cover by disguising his weapon as two unrelated tech. The weapon emits a blue energy blade that can be dialed back to a low intensity setting during training sessions. 

  • Ezra Bridger – created with spare parts and powered by a blue Kyber crystal. It's square shape resembles the hand guard of a cutlass, but in fact it conceals the mechanisms of a blaster pistol. Loses hybrid weapon during the battle with Darth Vader on Malachor. 

  • Leia Organa - defined by elegant symmetry and silver and gold hues that evoke Leia’s regal upbringing on Alderaan. Curved metal grips are spaced around the midsection surrounding a crystal that projects a blue blade. The narrow neck and ringed emitter of the saber bear similarities to those on Luke's green bladed saber. 

  • Rey Skywalker - Built using the quarter staff she carried on Jakku. The blocky shape of the end of the quarter staff is replicated in this saber hilt, which uses a rotating gear to activate the blade instead of an ignition switch. It's heavy chunky exterior armor makes it resistant to impact and wear and tear. It projects a yellow blade. 

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