Book Review - Thrawn (2017) by Timothy Zahn

Book Review - Thrawn (2017) by Timothy Zahn

Originally, I read this book in paperback and enjoyed the large sections of military strategy (which was surprising to me), but then the internet informed me of something magical. Eli Vanto, my Glup Shitto, being given an honest-to-god Texas cowboy accent changed everything. 

While I wish I could say I enjoyed every POV, every time Pryce came along I cringed. Though this is not Zahn's fault in the slightest (I also hated her in Rebels), it was at least interesting to get into deeper detail of Lothal businesses and politics. 

I've been asking myself if I should recommend this novel for first time Thrawn readers or if the prequel trilogy that started to arrive in 2020. Is the Star Wars book community going to now have the eternal battle like the Prequels vs Original Trilogy?

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